A Small Update

It’s been a while since my last blog post so I thought I would update you all on what has been happening over the last couple of months. On February the 2nd, I received my CT scan results to say that there are no more active lymphoma cells left in my body. This means that... Continue Reading →

Cheerio Chemo

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on this blog but I’m back. I’ve recently finished my 12 sessions of chemotherapy and my god it went out with a bang. I thought the last one would be the easiest but I was so wrong. I went in the day prior to receiving my treatment... Continue Reading →

A trip away with cancer

Recently I’ve not made any sort of plans due to my health being so unpredictable from one day to the next. Over the last few months I have adapted to this crazy lifestyle where I’ve become super last minute with everything due to this. I never used to be like this, if I was ever... Continue Reading →

Are Wigs Worth It?

Recently I went to receive the wigs I am entitled to, a synthetic wig and a real hair wig. When I went to pick up the synthetic wig it was a really weird experience. I went into this little shop and the woman working sat me in front of a mirror and asked what style... Continue Reading →


I’ve recently reached the point in my treatment plan where I was due a PET scan to ensure everything is doing what it is supposed to be doing. This is a nerve-racking time as I couldn’t help but think what if all this chemotherapy, horrible side effects and neutropenia is for nothing. I went in... Continue Reading →

Antibiotics and Isolation

The immune system protects the body from illnesses and infection. With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the body cannot produce enough white blood cells to have a healthy immune system to fight off infections successfully. With chemotherapy also killing off any good cells that help fight the infections it makes it extremely easy for me to pick up... Continue Reading →

PICC Line Problems

My first 2 sessions of chemotherapy were administered intravenously through a cannula in the back of my hand. Once the cannula is in place, my cocktail of chemo is passed through the veins slowly which then travels around my body killing off all these bad cells (and my good cells too). Getting a cannula put... Continue Reading →

Taste Bud Trouble

One of my favourite things in the whole world is food, so when I figured tastes and even certain smells would throw me into a full-on nausea session I was the least impressed. Literally from the second I started receiving my first session of chemo my senses were completely messed up. I was given macaroni... Continue Reading →

Lump to Diagnosis

Back in March I noticed a small, hard lump just above my collar bone. I thought it was probably a swollen gland and it was the start of the cold or flu. However, I never got the cold or the flu, instead I completely forgot about this lump on my neck. At the start of... Continue Reading →

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